The most-disturbing serial killer since Jeffery Dahmer is operating in downtown Milwaukee. Black plastic garbage bags bursting with the dismembered bodies of mothers, grandmothers, and unmarried women are being discarded in the city’s back alleys. The victims all seem unrelated and the police are at a loss.

Crime columnist and blogger Elliot Stearns was a homicide detective until a gunman’s bullet put him in a wheelchair. The shooting cost him his legs, his fiancée, and his sense of purpose. Now, a year later, his best friend and ex-partner, Jack Hartman, needs his help to discover who is abducting, torturing, and killing innocent women.

Stearns’ only clue is that the murderer seems to employ the same methods used by doctors to perform abortions. Is the serial killer a pro-life activist making a grisly point or just a lunatic pretending to have a political agenda?

Stearns’ search for the truth is complicated by his reacquaintance with his ex-fiancée, Caroline Becher. He wants her back, but she’s not sure she wants him. As they slowly fall in love again, he begins to worry that their renewed romance is putting her in danger. He’s right.

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"I thought the writing was excellent; the characters were well-drawn (I especially admired the protagonist, Elliot Stearns); and the plot was suspenseful."
     Malinda Lo, Ballantine Publishing

"In a genre crowded with likable detectives, from his chair Stearns stands above many of them."
    Carole E. Barrowman, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Dr. Hannibal Lecter meets Planned Parenthood."
    James Widgerson, Waukesah Freeman

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Is it offensive?
Controversial, not offensive. (At least, not intentionally offensive.)

Is the book pro-life or pro-choice?
It's pro-thought. Every reader should find at least one likable character who is sympathetic to their own point of view. As an editorial assistant at Ballantine Publishing wrote, "At first I was a bit hesitant about the idea of focusing the novel on the abortion issue, in the end I thought you did a great job showing both sides of the issue.""

Is the book about abortion?
Yes, and no. Any book called The Abortionist is going to have abortion as
one of its themes. But, at heart, The Abortionist is a love story. A
violent, thrill-packed, suspense-filled love story, but a love story nonetheless.

Is it anti-religion?
No. The villain misuses religion as an excuse for his acts (as do many terrorists), but the book also features a number of positive examples of people of faith.

Why is there a wheelchair at the top of this page?
Elliot Stearns, the main character, has been in a wheelchair since he was shot in the line of duty.

Why can't I find The Abortionist in my local bookstore?
You can certainly order The Abortionist at any bookstore, but because of the prominent role abortion plays in the story many agents, publishers, and bookstores were reluctant to be involved with the book. Even publishers who loved the writing and the story (and many did as you can tell from the following letters)...

...were concerned that mainstream bookstores and outlets like Walmart would be unwilling to carry the book. By making it available at, we're hoping to prove that readers won't let a little thing like politics get in the way of a good read.

Does the author want abortion to be illegal?
The author says, "I don't care if it's illegal...I'd like it to be unthinkable."

Where can I see that book trailer I keep hearing about?
Right here: